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The Reality of Having Jackie McGauley for a Sister

Her behavior in private is much the same as it is in public

Mom told both of her surviving children about her wishes to inherit her property equally, as she was showing me her will the little voice in my head said it would never happen.   

My sister did not tell me of our mother's illness, death, or funeral.  You know I was the talk of the funeral, I had to be seen as not caring enough to attend, instead Jackie didn't care enough about me to tell me there was one. What kind of behavior is that?  Jackie has not contacted me since shortly after our brother's funeral.  I was always happy with that arrangement as she always was surrounded by trouble and made up paranoid drama that I didn't want any part of.  There is no better person to be estranged from than Jackie McGauley.​   

I realize how awkward contacting me would have been, since that entire period was a time of intense emotional pain for everyone, when the stories started to fall apart, mostly Jackie's stories. I'm sure no one involved in this was sane enough to have signed any legal contracts at that time our mom's will was signed.   The witnesses to the will, Kate Dixon and Cathy Brock, were undoubtably disappointed at the way the trial was going, and most likely shared a strong bond with the victims of McMartin, especially those that were left on the sidelines during the trial.

The date of ur mother's new will lines up with the date of the close of the prosecution part of the trial. Everyone involved saw themselves as victims of an unfair trail, who went on to help Jackie in her campaign against Ted Gunderson and Satan.  I wonder how they feel today?  They should be ashamed.

I knew nothing about this until my sister reluctantly responded to a letter from an attorney in 2016.  Telling me at the funeral would have caused a scene and she knew it.  Jackie should have been honest from the beginning, but things might have turned out differently if I knew what was going on.  Dear old mom, why would she do to such a thing?  

Jackie, no matter how much you hate me, for whatever reason, you had a moral requirement to notify me of our mother's illness and death, and a legal requirement to tell me of the property transfer.  Of course you didn't tell me any of anyone's unhappiness when we talked two years before our mom's death, did you?  You chose to let our mother cry to strangers (see below) about me not loving her enough.  Your responsibilities would have been easier if you had contacted me as you told me you would, but as the date of the trust shows, you did that instead.  The trust you won't show me, even thought the law requires it, is dated June 12, 1997, we met at that store a few weeks before that.  There is no better example of your intentions than that.

Below is only communication I have from my sister, it was sent to an attorney in response to a letter he wrote, she again, refusing my attempted contacts.  Let's see how she explains not contacting me as required by law, and that little explanation of why our mother went to her death with bad feelings towards me. 

Imagine how that old lady felt, knowing her first son committed suicide, then having been told her second son "didn't care," in the time of emotional stress of the first trial.  What kind of person would do a thing like that?  There was very few possibilities, there were no other family members or common friends, perhaps it was the post man who was so uncaring.  It's not hard to imagine how this went, in the stress of the first trial going badly (note the date), and our mother's issues.

I was a member of a "family" who only wanted to be left alone until both remaining members, our mom and my sister, found some sobriety and sanity, which never happened, they only grew worse.  My brother obviously felt the same, he just had a more permanent way to solve the problem.

Why did my mom come over to my house and make that promise if she didn't intend to keep it?  Why didn't she just stay home instead of bringing more strife into our lives?  I never asked for anything, nor would I have. In fact, I wasn't buying what she was selling, although she probably meant it when she said it. I can blame the unaddressed alcohol and prescription drug addiction, and the tenuous grip with reality for what happened.

It is a TERRIBLE idea to pit your kids against one another, which is exactly what our mom did.  My advise, keep your will quiet until it's read by a REAL attorney, who does it following the law.  Don't leave this up to one untrustworthy family member who might keep it quiet and keep it all, hoping no one notices until it's too late to challenge it. It helps if this family member is a impossible to talk to.  If you question this opinion, read the diatribes against Ted Gunderson of that period, a few examples are on the Crazy Stuff page, although you can Google as much as you can stand to read.

Note Jackie's new last name, she is now using her maiden name.  You can imagine the name McGauley is a tough one in Manhattan Beach.  It appears that Jackie McGauley is trying to hide from her past with a different name.

The will has never been executed as she clearly stated it had been above, the property was transferred with a trust, so I was to ask Jackie for a copy of that trust.  She is angry, as always, and will not talk to me, as she hasn't for decades, so I went through her attorney.  As astonishing as it is, here is what he said:  

"I knew your mom as a sweet old lady who cried to me about how her son never accepted his new step father. Jackie just could not find you, she had no idea where you were, she thought you might be in Flagstaff, or Canada, or you lived on . . . (his next word clearly showed he and Jackie knew exactly where I lived).  You will never see that trust . . ."   Any attorney should know the trust has to be sent to all heirs, including disinherited heirs, and he should know the law as to notification.  Satisfying the requirement is easy, but both admits to not doing what the law specifically requires, which is mailing a letter to the last known address(1).

Is Jackie McGauley a liar?  Is there any question?  She never even tried to notify me, she lied about the will, she did not know a woman who cleaned up blood from church alters(2), she never saw people with wheel barrows of dirt late at night(3) filing in the non existant tunnels.  The best that could be said is that maybe she believes herself at the time she says these things.  

Flagstaff and various places in Canada were among the places I went on vacation in the years 1988-1996.   How did she and her attorney know about those places?  "From letters you wrote your mom," said the attorney, so Jackie had to know I was on vacation, not living there.  The attorney had too many details of those trips, things I wouldn't have written our mom.  Creepy, like I was being stalked. 

I worked for the same aerospace company for 30 years, retiring in 2009. Did Jackie know where I worked?  Yup, she was a reference and emergency contact when I started to work there back in 1979.  I gave her my business card in May of 1997, why couldn't she contact me 2 years later?  (There are TWO witnesses to her being in that store) How creditable is it to say she had no idea where I was since I was in the same place all along? 

Both Jackie and her attorney tell very much the same story about the hell our mom went through.  I could feel badly about this if I didn't realize that the common thread was Jackie, the same woman we can all Google and read about endlessly, none of it positive.  Why the lie about the will?  I suspect it is an attempt to hide the trust that I was told I'd never see.  If this were on the up and up it would have been done legally.

My only crime against my sister was that our mom considered us equal in her wishes in her will.  Dear old mom. I left both to live their lives as they wished until they realized they had issues they needed to address.  I had to, I couldn't help either one until they realized they had a problem.  

My eternal disappointment with Jackie is that letter she wrote, which is above, where she tells us our mom cared nothing for anyone except Jackie. Jackie went out of her way to let me know, she could have NOT said it (note that her attorney said it too).  I suspect she's proud of how she handled our mother's death and the changing will.   I have little doubts about how our brother would have felt.

If you are following this you can see the game that's being played, it's the most hurtful and destructive thing siblings (and parents) can do to one another.  Unconditional love is a necessity.    

Below is my response to Jackie's horrible letter:

The irony is that Jackie was my sole heir in my will until I received that horrible letter.  That's right, she and her kids would have inherited it anyway, in addition to my assets.  Now they are the ones that are disinherited.  What a silly game

Was our mom really in any state of mind to be signing legal contracts with the poison of the McMartin issue so strong in her life?

My dear sister is playing with fire with that one little sentence in that little letter above, but she knows how it's done.  If you want to know why our brother John took the action he did, here it is, it was easy to bring out the worst in mom.  But, that is our dear Jackie at her best, bringing out the worst in everyone.  Anyone disagree?



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