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The Reality of Having Jackie McGauley for a Sister

Her behavior in private is much the same as it is in public

Our mother told each of us her wishes in her will, that we inherit her property someday equally.  Then the "stuff" hit the fan almost immediately with the McMartin accusations.

My sister was especially troubled in this period.  If this was because she believed her children were abused, ok, but this went way past that with false accusations against a long list, including the complete ruining of that Daily Breeze reporter, Elliot something, no one can remember his name today.  Bob Curry was inventing things to keep people riled up with my sister right at his side.

Watching Jackie accuse others of crimes made me avoid her completely.  I would either have been one of those accused of something, or at the least I would have been walking into the arguing, crying, and violent fights our family was known for.  I always hoped for better, but it never was to be, there was never any sanity or sobriety to be found.  I always thought someday . . . 

Mom passed away and I wasn't told.  I knew by an unexplained check (an old insurance policy I now believe) for $6,000 which was "to settle the estate of Marion Koeller," so I thought the estate was $12,000 and we split it evenly, as our mother had in the will she had given me.  I always wondered what happened to that house, and fully expected Jackie to contact me, but she never did.  It was too easy to avoid her well documented anger, and be thankful every day that I wasn't involved with the little dear.  It was a no win situation for me.

One day in 2016, I was having a document notarized in a real estate office and told them the story.  They checked, the house is now owned by "Jackie S. May."  I went over and knocked on the door, no answer, I left a note asking her to call (remember, there were no problems between us that I knew of, mostly because I avoided her.)  She didn't call, so I wrote a letter, with a self addressed and stamped return envelope, no answer, so I had a lawyer write a $500 letter.  She responded to that letter, directly to that attorney.  Here is that reply:

​My sister has always had a "Hate someone" campaign going on.  Look at these pages. Ted Gunderson, what a great example.  But I had no idea she had a "Hate Marty," campaign going on with our mother.  I feel like a fool that I had no idea I was the object of her #1 issue.  

It looks like we have another example of someone making accusations, it's not like it's unprecedented.  I got off easier than most, at least it wasn't public. . . until now.  She obviously has no shame, or she wouldn't have told us.  She could have said she had no idea why this happened.  Her irrational hatred for others is her guide.

We all know that no one involved was sane enough to be doing any of the above at the time of the falling apart of the first trial, look at that date.  How come they didn't contact me?  I think that's obvious.  Did my mom really know what she was doing?  I'm certain she didn't.  If I knew about any of this I would have fought Jackie. I knew what was in my mom's medical records, I had talked to her doctors.  I certainly didn't know I had to fight my sister in court.  Today those records are no longer available.  Jackie's plan of hiding this from me worked.

Imagine how our mom felt, her first son committed suicide, then having been told her second son "wanted nothing to do with her," in the time of emotional stress of the first trial.  What kind of person would do a thing like that?  A Sociopath.

Why did my mom come over to my house and make that promise if she didn't intend to keep it?  I never asked for anything, nor would I have. I can blame the unaddressed alcohol and prescription drug addiction, and the tenuous grip with reality for that will.   I would call my mom a victim of elder abuse.  It's a crime Jackie McGauley deserves to be accused of, because, in my opinion, she pretty much admitted to it in that note above.

It is a TERRIBLE idea to pit your kids against one another, which is exactly what our mom did.  My advise, keep your will quiet until it's read by a REAL attorney, who does it following the law.  Don't leave this up to one untrustworthy family member who might keep it quiet and keep it all, hoping no one notices until it's too late to challenge it. It helps if this family member is a impossible to talk to.  If you question this opinion, read the diatribes against Ted Gunderson of that period, a few examples are on the Crazy Stuff page, although you can Google as much as you can stand to read.

Note Jackie's new last name, she is now using her maiden name.  You can imagine the name McGauley is a tough one in Manhattan Beach.  It appears that Jackie McGauley is trying to hide from her past with a different name.

The will has never been executed as she clearly stated it had been above, the property was transferred with a trust, so I was to ask Jackie for a copy of that trust.  She is angry, as always, and will not talk to me, as she hasn't for decades, so I went through her attorney.  As astonishing as it is, here is what he said:  

"I knew your mom as a sweet old lady who cried to me about how her son never accepted his new step father. Jackie just could not find you, she had no idea where you were, she thought you might be in Flagstaff, or Canada, or you lived on . . . (his next word clearly showed he and Jackie knew exactly where I lived).  You will never see that trust, don't ask."   Any attorney should know the trust has to be sent to all heirs, including disinherited heirs, and he should know the law as to notification.  Satisfying the requirement is easy, but both admits to not doing what the law specifically requires, which is mailing a letter to the last known address(1).  That attorney is a real piece of work.  I wish I had never taken his call and made him document this in writing.  I consider the trust to be illegal as according to California Probate Law I was REQUIRED to be notified at the time of transfer.

Is Jackie McGauley a liar?  Is there any question?  She never even tried to notify me, she lied about the will, she did not know a woman who cleaned up blood from church alters(2), she never saw people with wheel barrows of dirt late at night(3) filing in the non existant tunnels.  The best that could be said is that maybe she believes herself at the time she says these things.  

Flagstaff and various places in Canada were among the places I went on vacation in the years 1988 on.   How did she and her attorney know about those places?  "From letters you wrote your mom," said the attorney, so Jackie had to know I was on vacation, not living there.  The attorney had too many details of those trips, things I wouldn't have written our mom.  Creepy, like I was being stalked. 

I worked for the same aerospace company for 30 years, retiring in 2009. Did Jackie know where I worked?  Yup, she was a reference and emergency contact when I started to work there back in 1979.  I gave her my business card in May of 1997, why couldn't she contact me 2 years later?  (There are TWO witnesses to her being in that store) How creditable is it to say she had no idea where I was since I was in the same place all along? 

Both Jackie and her attorney tell very much the same story about the hell our mom went through.  I could feel badly about this if I didn't realize that the common thread was Jackie, the same woman we can all Google and read about endlessly, none of it positive.  Why the lie about the will?  I suspect it is an attempt to hide the trust that I was told I'd never see.  If this were on the up and up it would have been done legally.

My only crime against my sister was that our mom considered us equal in her wishes in her will.  Dear old mom. I left both to live their lives as they wished until they realized they had issues they needed to address.  I had to, I couldn't help either one until they realized they had a problem.  

My eternal disappointment with Jackie is that letter she wrote, which is above.  I suspect she's proud of how she handled our mother's death and the changing will.   I have little doubts about how our brother would have felt.

If you are following this you can see the game that's being played, it's the most hurtful and destructive thing siblings (and parents) can do to one another.  Unconditional love is a necessity.    

Below is my response to Jackie's horrible letter:

​When I wrote this I thought the horrible will had been probated, and was not aware of the trust, because all I knew was what she wrote in the note above, and thought she was at least being honest about this.   California Probate Law REQUIRES her to be honest about this issue.

The irony is that Jackie was my sole heir in my will until I received that horrible letter.  That's right, she and her kids would have inherited it anyway, in addition to my assets in the event of my death.  Now they are the ones that are disinherited.  What a silly game

My dear sister is playing with fire with that one little sentence in her letter, but she knows how it's done.  If you want to know why our brother John took the action he did, here it is, it was easy to bring out the worst in mom.  But, that is our dear Jackie McGauley, bringing out the worst in everyone.  

I can fight her in court 4 years after I receive the trust.  Since she will never send it to me, that date is now unlimited, but you can't fight a document you have never seen.  If I take her to court I will win because the law is clear, but win what?  Challenging a trust is an expensive proposition, especially when the medical records can't be obtained.  I know what they would have said.  (Note: I found my mom's doctor, who was also my doctor, who can provide testimony of mom's issues)

If any attorney wants part of this please contact me, for me, it's not a good way to spend money I earned.  There is no amount of money that is worth dealing with my dear sister, as that Daily Breeze reporter, Ted Gunderson, and so many others, so well knows.



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