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It seems that all of my sisters efforts since about the time she admitted to me that she realized none of this happened (spring 1997) were addressed to trying to discredit Ted Gunderson.    So if you still believe something is true, including the tunnels, you might want to consider that.  She blames Ted for everything going wrong.  Ted was a nut case, among his beliefs was that jet vapor trails were our government spraying chemicals to control out thoughts (Google that one).  There's no understanding the argument between the two, but it became what it always became, an argument for the community.   I suspect all the crazieness can't be substained for long without all the false beliefs crashing under their own weight.  Among my favorite quotes from my sister in the post tunnel period is, "My project has become a laughingstock."   Yes, it has, but some still argue anyway.

My goal isn't to "get back at my sister" as much as to fill everyone in on what kind of person we are dealing with, to put her past actions in one easy to find place.  There is nothing I can do to her that's worse than what she has done to herself, she is probably the most hated person in the South Bay, with good reason. Many families have been destroyed, many nights of lost sleep, many arguments and hard feelings taken to the grave because of her selfish actions.   And probably a few suicides.

I wish to let anyone who is still arguing that "They found the tunnels, so the rest MUST be true," know it's time to stop the arguments, it's NOT true, they did NOT find any tunnels.  None of that is true, the McMartin defendants were cheated out of their formerly successful lives, and we all should be ashamed of our part in it.  

Someday, Jackie, you might consider being honest and putting a stop to the arguing some still do about this, because it was your efforts to influence public opinion is the reason they still argue. 

Being honest with me is too late, as our mother went to a horrible death knowing her first son did himself in and her second son was the person Jackie told her I was.  Thanks for documenting that disgusting behavior.  I only wish I realized this earlier.


​I'm certain this isn't the end of the story.  Won't it be interesting to see how all of this plays out in the end?  We can imagine it won't turn out well for Jackie McGauley or those her life touches.  It never does.

If I had anything to do with it, Jackie getting the mental health help she has demonstrated she needs would be in her immediate future, before she ruins any more lives.

​Read on if you still think she is sane, there is more, in her own words . . .

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