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If you want to argue that the McMartin case is true, please don't waste your time, it's been throughly debunked in these pages.  My goal is to not have anything untrue on this site.  If you find some detail you believe to not be true, the place to start is to message me with your concern.  

I have heard from quite a few people about their time at that school.  The stories are like my friend Terry's.  He didn't like going to the school, thought the teachers were mean, he said something about feeling "Nap time was improper," then laughed.  When asked what exactly was wrong with nap time, he eventually said, "Nothing, really."  "A lot of stuff went on," but he could not tell me what those things were, again, eventually telling me there was really nothing wrong.  I've heard about children running through the sprinklers, old ladies in chairs, a man in a room with a crying child.  "Something must have been wrong!" Really?

The one thing in common with all these stories is that it's all about feelings, I can't argue with vague stories that aren't really stories about anything, based on feelings. This subject is poisonous, and I'm a fool to even try telling some inconvenient truths.   

Maybe it's time for us to actually defend that school as we should have 30+ years ago.  The game of telephone and the crazy stories that resulted should have stopped the next day.


Please do not tell me the proof of the existence of tunnels was a mailbox, being carbon dated to 1976, being found under that cement slab.  That is not how carbon dating works, that date NOT in the official tunnel report or any of the analysis of that report. However, some probably well meaning woman has been sending emails about this "fact" that isn't a fact.  Its misinformation.  She went on to say that this means "Someone has been under there," to what, deliver mail underground?  It means someone threw a broken mail box in their trash pit, sometime between 1942 and about 1960 when the trash pit was no longer used.  Carbon dating will tell you when an animal or plant dies, (it stops exchanging carbon with its environment), not when it was made into a mailbox, tossed into a trash pit, or buried by supposed Satinists.

Mrs. McGauley told me personally, in May of 1997 that she had come to the conclusion that none of the accusations were true, but continued on with her campaign keeping people arguing about this mess anyway.  Mostly about Ted Gunderson.

The exact conversation, from that Sunday afternoon in that store in Hermosa Beach, where she came in looking for a job:

Me:  "Some day you might want to consider that you have devoted your life to something that never happened."

Jackie:  "I have come to that conclusion."  What more proof do you need than that?​  Wish I had recorded that, but at the time I didn't realize the grief she would cause me, I just knew the grief she caused the community.  There were witnesses to that conversation, I can prove she said that.

I mentioned my friend from the McMartin family.  He has done very well in life, continuing to use his family name.  He has my respect, unlike Mrs. McGauley who is no longer using the name she used for 35 years.

The difference is that the McMartin family was obviously a strong family that supported each other and raised successful children.  My family, not so much.