The First Charge of Satanism


Judy Johnson's reports of misbehavior at the McMartin Preschool became increasingly bizarre.  She claimed that Peggy Buckey was involved in satanic practices: she was said to have taken Johnson's son to a church, where the boy was made to watch a baby being beheaded, and then was forced to drink the blood.  (1)

Jackie decided to be helpful by saying that she knew a woman who had cleaned up blood at a local church that held satanic rituals. (2)  She was always helpful with charges she seemed to be making up on the spot.  

There is a plausable explanation for the charges of Satanism on the Tunnels and Truths page 

An Attempt to Keep Jackie from Talking


Jackie McGauley reported to the police that someone was harassing her to prevent her from talking about abuse at the preschool. She developed that theory from the presence of unauthorized horse racing charges on her credit cards, the theft of speakers from her car, and numerous hang up telephone calls.

1983, 84, 85 . . .

Bob Curry and Jackie as a team.  This part is being researched, for now see the timeline below. The part with the gun isn't there, yet.  It's in a book (3)  I have yet to complete.  I hate reading this stuff, but it is eye opening.

Let's skip ahead, there is a lot more on the timeline below

Discrediting ex-lover, Ted Gunderson

The Accomplice Becomes the Victim 

We will ignore the first ten years, it's on the net if you have the stomach for it

Bullet points added for readability, it's the rantings of a vindictive, mentally unstable woman.  A few comments added in red.  It should be noted that by this time Mrs McGauley was starting her second decade in her campaign against Ted Gunderson. She loves taking her personal gripes public, wanting us all to participate.   If you are still arguing about any aspect of the McMartin issue you are playing her game. 

McMartin Preschool Mother/Whistleblower 18 November 2003           Grandiose Sense of Self (from that list)
You know you are considered a nut if you are banned by Alex Jones

  • Why are those who seek to reveal the antics of an obvious crook being silenced?  
  • I can, and have, documented that Ted L. Gunderson embezzled over $30,000 from me.  
  • I know a large number of people he has also taken large amounts of money from.  

I can't let this go with out pointing out what Jackie stole from everyone in the South Bay, and what she took from me, which is a hell of a lot more than what she accused Ted of stealing.   I suspect the above were donations made to the project.  Were these donations tax exempt?  It wasn't your money.  

  • I know many people from whom Ted takes credit for their work. I have names
  • I have talked to these people.  
  • Better yet, check the Hall of Records in any County he has been in for all of the lawsuits that have been filed against him. It boggles the mind.  
  • I can document that he lies about his accomplishments, on his resume.  
  • Why was he SAC of the FBI in Memphis immediatly after the Martin Luther King assasination?  
  • In Dallas immediately after the John F. Kennedy assasination and Los Angeles immediatley after the Robert Kennedy assasination?​
  • Is this a coincidence?  Do a check on the Department of consumer Affairs for his PI license.  I checked, it was not there.​  I checked, he had a license

  • Why did he file bankruptcy in 1983 and dissolve his company ‘Ted L. Gunderson and Associates’?
  • My case, The McMartin Preschool Case, where hundreds of children were molested, is a laughing stock because of the stupid lies Ted is allowed to broadcast.        She is right about this becoming a laughing stock
  • Is that how he “helps” children?
  • He DID NOT “work” the McMartin case.
  • He DID NOT “work” the Klaas case.
  • He DID use a team of psychics on the MacDonald case.
  • He DID spend his own money to do his own investigation then demand compensation.
  • How many other cases is he claiming he was hired on when he was not?
  • I have letters from a psychic, Fred Hanson, proving that Ted was head of security at the U.S. Olympics for Hanson’s group of -PSYCHICS- United Sensitives of America (USA).
  • Ted runs a clinic is Tiajuana, Mexico that has claimed to cure not only glaucoma, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, autism but now Mongoloidism, too!
  • Tiajuana is just south of Palm Springs where old people go to retire-they are his main target.
  • He is a con man-pure and simple.
  • Why isn’t he in jail?
  • Why do people keep referring to him as an expert on Satanism?
  • How is this helping the Peterson case?
  • The same as it did my case?  
  • Look up the history on Cointel Pro, Counter Intelligence Program.
  • Just look at his idiot.                                                         Yes, Jackie, we all are
  • His Ex wife, Jocelyn told me Ted was diagnoses paranoid schizophrenic.
  • His son, Ted L. Gunderson Junior is severely psychotic and must be on strong medication.
  • A malady that seems to run in his family.
  • Doesn’t this smack of QUACK to you?
  • Check the site “” for information on Sierra Clinics which Ted was a partner.
  • Then there is the “gold Mine” Shaloko, then there is the Anglo-American Management Corp. where Ted was going to import English, then Swedish nurses to the U.S.
  • He asked me to put one up in my spare room in 1990.
  • I could go on and on…and so could many others who have been scammed by him.
  • Why is this crook being “protected” now that others are saying what they know?
  • How many more vulnerable people will lose their hard earned money to this carpetbagger?

Jacque McGauley

There is so much of this stuff you can Google you won't believe it.​  All completely beyond belief.  Let's skip ahead.


I'm on disability, boo hooo  Life's so unfair!  The news media and the authorities won't listen to me anymore. . .  
I could only afford to donate $1000 (to myself)  Donate money to ME! 
 I demand all the credit for finding the (non-existant) tunnels!  That horrible Ted Gunderson deserves nothing!

I'll post the entire email when I find it again, it's on the Stew Webb web site, which is blocked on my ip address *  
Why not find it yourself if you really want to read this sad chapter in my sister's life, there's a lot more.
That web site is quite something.  It says a lot about how far my sister is willing to go to try to "get" others.


More of the same, a mentally unstable, vengeful women "getting back" at Ted Gunderson, which she has been doing full time for over a decade at this point.  As the title says, I'm sick of it too      Click here to read all about it.  

More from 2007

This is why this is still going on.  You post this crap keeping the misinformation flowing.   I feel badly for those you keep hurting with your fantasies.  

Instead of my continuing this, do a Google search of your own.  I do not wish to deal with my sister's obvious lunacy any longer than I have to.  It's hard to cut and paste this stuff without having some sympathy for a woman who says such outrageous stuff, not realizing how crazy (and vindictive) she appears.  I do not wish to have any sympathy for that woman because of the damage she has done to us all. 


Still at it.  Beyond this?  You know it will continue until she gets mental health help.  Meanwhile she will continue to heap the emotional abuse on anyone she can.  


A Victim to the End

" . . . . newly emerging evidence has shown without question that serious sexual abuse of children did occur at the McMartin Preschool, much of it was done in specially dug tunnels where children were subjected to satanic ritual sexual abuse."    Read it here

More "Grandiose Sense of Self," see thetraits of a Sociopath  Of course there is nothing new here, no new evidence, there was never ANY evidence, just the same stuff she has been posting for better than 30 years, so that she can cause an whole new generation to argue that the preschool was a center of Satan and tunnels that didn't exist.​

This page contains only a small sampling of the crazy stuff you can easily find on the net, books, TV shows, movies . . .

Satanists Were Dumping Poison into their Air Vents

From the LA Times- Los Angeles County's Satanic Abuse Task Force, an official sub body of the Los Angeles County Women's Commission, concluded two years ago that Satanists were trying to pump diazinon poison into their office and home air vents in order to silence them.  

Task force members became suspicious, according to president Myra Rydell, after experiencing bouts of profound exhaustion, headaches, and, perhaps most significantly, "the inability to think straight."  McMartin parent Jackie McGauley, also a task force member, told a reporter that, according to her doctor, diazinon would be "virtually impossible to detect" if given in small doses over a long time period.

The County's epidemic specialist said that diazinon was easy to detect and after his own investigation called the claims "outrageous."

Ted Gunderson, task force member and former head of the Los Angeles office of the FBI, also suspected poisoning. "I can't prove it," he told the media. "We have evidence that our house has been entered and [that] somebody poured the substance into our wall heaters."

But the results of independent lab tests on clothes believed by Gunderson to be contaminated were negative.

Task force member Stephanie Sheppard had asked members of the media to attend Monday's meeting. Sheppard then called on the alleged victims to prove their bizarre claims or keep quiet and stop wasting taxpayers' time and money.  

​For more, read the entire article here.  After the inevitable breakup, among the things Jackie accused Ted of was poisoning her.


More ravings of pissed off, vindictive, mentally unstable woman, organized it into bullet points for readability

Jacque McGauley letter to Ted L. Gunderson
Tuesday, September 20, 2005 12:23

Ted Gunderson,
     Fifteen years after I kick you out of my house I am still receiving creditor calls trying to collect your overdue bills! It is yet another telephone bill and the rent for your so called “Office” which is really a SMALL post office box on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica.

  • You do not have a physical address or I would have served you a subpoena long ago.
  • Don’t the gold bars you stole from Mary and Ken Scheibe of Las Vegas cover your bills?
  • Quit telling everyone the condo you stole from the Scheibe’s is yours!
  • And you have some phony video for sale about MY case that you had NOTHING to do with!
  • And you are selling my Tunnel Report from the McMartin Preschool case.
  • You are NOT authorized to sell that report.
  • I doubt you have the real report anyway.
  • I own that report and have the legal papers to prove it.  
  • The next time you hear from me it will be through my lawyers!
  • Get all of my stuff OFF the Internet and where ever else you have it for sale or I will SUE you!
  • You have built a totally FAKE reputation out of blatant lies and fallacies you just dreamed up.
  • But the worst of it is the MONEY you embezzle from people-vulnerable victims and worse-defenseless old people.
  • How can one Con artist reap so much destruction and his victims don’t act?
  • If you are a victim of ted l. gunderson’s so called investigative services and other scams…write to me. It is way past time to go after him!

And be warned, STOP selling material you stole from me!!!!!  

Jacque McGauley

From McMartin Preschool Pedophilia Case: Mother targeted by FBI Ted Gunderson  here 

Everything I see says it is Jackie McGauley that is targeting Ted Gunderson.   She is the biggest victim there ever was, according to her.​​  Do a Google search if you want more of this, it seems to have no end.

McMartin Preschool

Victims Webpage

​​Jackie and Ted's Great Adventure: 

Explaining Why They Seem to be Confused

What Happens When ​Two Paranoid Schizophrenics Team Up

"I can't believe I'm sitting here listening to this," said Paul J. Papanek, chief of the county's toxics epidemiology program. "This is outrageous."

Let's See How Mrs McGauley Was Doing in 2007​
Remembering the Sociopathic behaviors from a previous page, how many can you spot below?


Jackie McGauley is the primary whistleblower, the mother who exposed the McMartin Preschool atrocities, involving sexual and satanic ritual abuse of children.

In fact Jackie deserves all the credit: It was HER child who was abused. It was JACKIE who raised the money, through a campaign for donations, which made it possible for the archaeological dig uncovering the underground tunnels, to take place. It was JACKIE who gave her heart-wrenching testimony on all the major TV and radio talk shows.  Read more here       

There's no sanity in that.  Notice she's getting more important in her mind as time passes.  It didn't happen Jackie, you are showing your mental illness for all to see.  ​Her kids were only abused by her wild beliefs

It should be remembered that she and her child did not testify in either trial because they were seen as making too many crazy charges.  Her testimony was only on talk shows, to the press, various public appearances and finally those crazy extremist web sites.

​​​Time Line

From the Net (this on NOT complete)  Most came from Debbie Nathan's books, blogs and articles.  Debbie is a great source of information on this issue.

 Spring 1984-Letter sent to parents of the McMartin preschool and asked to question their children about abuse. 
     Mrs McGauley, seen as a prime prosecuting witness, has a fling with the Daily Breeze reporter covering the case, causing the prosecution to see her as a problem.  Her wild accusations causes her and her child to not be called as witnesses, even though she posts the summons to appear proudly on the net (

 July 25, 1984- Bob Currie reported to the District Attorney's investigators that he and McMartin parent (and future tunnel investigator) Jackie McGauley had developed important leads regarding alleged off-campus trips by children to mortuaries and cemeteries.  He also supplied the names of McMartin parents who he thought would probably "cooperate" with investigators. Included among the latter was Jackie McGauley, who he said knew a woman who had cleaned up blood at a local church that held satanic rituals.

McGauley's allegations, made on behalf of her daughter, became increasingly bizarre as months passed by

 July 11, 1984: McGauley told investigators that her daughter said Ray took her to a restroom located on the beach and that she saw bunnies at a YMCA in a neighboring city. (Other children had previously claimed that rabbits had been harmed to silence them.)

 July 19, 1984: McGauley reported that someone was harassing her to prevent her from talking about abuse at the preschool. She developed that theory from the presence of unauthorized horse racing charges on her credit cards, the theft of speakers from her car, and numerous hang up telephone calls even after she had changed her phone number.

 July 23, 1984: McGauley informed DA's investigators that her daughter had seen Ray with a bloody face and wearing a "curtain like robe." Eggs were placed on her daughter's "boobs and vagina" while she was at school. There were four Rays, including "Mr. Ray" and "Old Ray." McGauley's daughter was taken by one of the Rays to McGauley's own home where he forced the child to touch her own cat. One of the Rays took the cat to school where he may have killed it. Ray poked the eyes out of kittens and killed a bird. Her daughter also witnessed a child being burned in a park.

 July 25, 1984: McGauley reported that her daughter had been to a park and cemetery in a neighboring city. Inside the mortuary office she (McGauley) found a "great regulation clock" that her daughter had mentioned. Ray Buckey took her there. People in the area were wearing fire uniforms. A red truck was also there and ghosts were present.

 July 27, 1984: McGauley now claimed that she had been having problems with her former boyfriend and that he had abused her when they were together. She told the investigator that the ex-boyfriend would accuse her of threatening him.  

Mid August 1984: McGauley contacted CII again to report that her former boyfriend may have molested or pornographically photographed her children. The possible molestation began in May, just after she had left her husband and during a month long period when she and her children lived with the boyfriend. McGauley's suspicions arose, she said, after noticing that her daughter's vaginal area was red, and after finding child pornography belonging to the boyfriend. But the time the vaginal redness (which is not necessarily indicative of sexual abuse) supposedly occurred did not coincide with the boyfriend's stay at McGauley's home. (McGauley also told Kee MacFarlane that her children had visited their father over the weekend and that when they returned home her daughter cried while using the bathroom. Once again, McGauley observed that her daughter's vaginal area was "red and inflamed.")

The child pornography was allegedly contained among adult pornography in a box of magazines and magazine photos stored in McGauley's garage. One of the magazines, McGauley told MacFarlane, was called Lolitots and some of the alleged photos showed adults having sex with animals. But the alleged pornography was found and reported two months after the boyfriend had left. And instead of calling the police, McGauley handed the kiddie porn over to Bob Currie, for "safe keeping." Currie called CII and told Kee MacFarlane that he had the photos. She advised Currie to inform the Manhattan Beach Police Department and he refused — insisting that four or more of its officers were involved in the alleged McMartin "porno ring."  Nothing Jackie brought forward has ever been proven.  This "evidence" was believed to have been planted.

In a taped interview with Kee MacFarlane, using "anatomically correct dolls," McGauley's daughter allegedly said that the boyfriend had touched her on her "pee pee" and "boobies." Dr. Heger's medical examination uncovered vaginal "trauma," already noted in a previous CII medical examination (March 84), as well as a reddened introitus with some "possible abrasions." Based on CII reports, police concluded that both children had findings that were "consistent with sexual misuse."

Police searched the boyfriend's car, office, and apartment but evidence of child pornography was not found. McGauley obtained the alleged child porn magazines from Currie and handed them over to the Hermosa Beach Police Department a week later. Police wrote that fingerprints on several "juvenile pornographic" magazines matched the fingerprints of McGauley's boyfriend. However, the police property report that describes items taken from the boyfriend during police searches makes no listing of juvenile pornographic magazines. Nor does it list any nude photos of minors.  (It was believed evidence was planted

August 20, 1984: McGauley told DA's investigators that her daughter had recognized another area preschool that she claimed to have been taken to. Her daughter now spoke of devils and a good lady dressed in white. She fearfully recalled going to an area cemetery where people were dressed in red. She talked about a pig in a sandy park with blue dead people and cut up bodies.

May 20, 1985: Jackie McGauley's daughter attended a special daycare at the Richstone Center (a facility where several state-appointed therapists were treating McMartin children). The daycare was only for McMartin children, and they had to be "victims" to qualify. During this period, McGauley called police and told them that her daughter reported that a therapist at Richstone had molested her. Police were unable to get much information from the child; most of it came from the mother. Charges were not filed against the therapist and the incident never became public.  

The Richstone Center's owners were deeply intertwined in the McMartin case; the wife as the therapist for some of the alleged victims, and her husband as an attorney representing various parents in civil lawsuits against McMartin school.

The alleged abuse took place almost a year prior to the report, during a class. "It was on a Wednesday," McGauley remembered. "She said she didn't want to go. She said they hurt her. They hurt the bottom of her feet."

The teachers had placed sticks in her daughter's anus and one of them had abandoned her on a boat in a swimming pool and took her to a local church. "She has been saying things all along," McGauley explained to the officer, "but it didn't make much sense until she made the statements this morning. I don't want to tell you because I think it would be much better if she told you herself." At first the now four-year-old child didn't respond to the officer's questions or to her mother's coaxing.  McGauley then sat her daughter on her lap and tried again to coax the story out of her. "Tell Deputy Allen how they hurt your feet," she pleaded, but to no avail.

1987-1993+/- New live in boyfriend, Ted Gunderson, FBI investigator for the case.  Ted believed in conspiracy theories, among them that Satanists were digging mysterious tunnels and trying to confuse them by poisoning them.  Jackie now demands to have all of the credit for finding the tunnels that never existed.

 1995- (approximate) a devastating story on ABC’s “20/20” about Jackie McGauley, a must see, as is all of the rest of the stories in the news and net.

 1997- An important year, Jackie came into a store owned by her brother by accident, while looking for a job, putting a big hole in her "Marty is estranged" story, also the year the trust was drawn up as a reaction to remembering she had a brother to contend with.

Satanic Issues & Tunnels
An ongoing issue

There is a great explanation for the charges of Satanism in the books, "We Believe the Children: A Moral Panic in the 1980s," by Richard Beck, and in Debbie Nathan's book "Satan's Silence: Ritual Abuse and the Making of a Modern American Witch Hunt." 

1984- Jackie says she knew someone who cleaned up blood from church alters. (I could write three pages on this alone)

1985 (ongoing)- Jackie and her group of troubled people searched for satanic tunnels with their shovels.  They had been “filled in.”  It’s a tunnel, once you remove the dirt!  I suspect this dig was when someone brought a sandwich for lunch in the Disney bag Gary Stickel was to find and present as evidence that there were tunnels.

1990- The tunnel issue died down until 1990, toward the end of the second Buckey trial, when the same group of parents (by now with a smaller number of people) decided to do an "archaeological dig." The main activists in this effort were Jackie McGauley and Ted Gunderson.  Evidence is the supposed documentation of underground tunnels, gathered and presented in Gary Stickel's 185-page report commissioned by the Manhattan Tunnel Project (MTP) under the auspices of former McMartin parent Jackie McGauley.  No tunnels were actually found.

2000- McGauley, along with Barbara Hartwell, Virginia McCullough, Kathleen Sullivan, Kathy Kasten, Kate Dixon, and Stew Webb began an all out assault on Ted Gunderson's character, using the internet as their main weapon of choice.  Add Myra Rydell to that list.  The witnesses to our mom’s will are in that group.  A conspiracy?  Some of those ladies are still around, Kate Dixon, witness to the will, lives in Santa Monica.  Kate, were YOU sane enough to sigh that document?  Was our mom?

 2004- Email on a blog post from Jackie.  “The Police and media won’t talk to me anymore.  I’m on disability.  I demand credit for finding the tunnels, Ted Gunderson embezzled $30,000 from me, donate to finding tunnels!” 

 Sep. 15, 2006- more allegations

The info below is posted at Stew Webb's web site.  Webb offers this 'documentation' as "proof" that Ted Gunderson was somehow involved in the murder of a man by the name of Richard Carl Post. The "proof" offered here is typical of Webb's fantasy dominated psychosis and his reckless disregard for anything that even hints at truthfulness or honesty.

Webb reproduces an e-mail from Jackie McGauley, a mother of one of the suposedly abused children from the McMartin Preschool case and a person who had an intimate, live-in relationship with Ted Gunderson for about four years, from approximately 1986 or 87 until 1990 or perhaps 1991.

The relationship ended badly, but I'll save the details for another article. Suffice it to say that McGauley had a bad temper and an inferiority complex which caused stormy relations with many people, including Ted Gunderson.

From the net:

Jackie McGauley's history is this:
Her daughter was 2 1/2 years old when she attended McMartin for a short period. She was among the hundreds of children who never testified in the trial, many because their claims were beyond any credibility.

Shortly after the investigation started, Jackie McGauley became intimate with a writer for the Daily Breeze, a LA beach communities newspaper. After the two broke up, in 1984, McGauley called the police and reported that her daughter was saying the man molested her. Charges were never filed but they were made public in the LA Times and the writer's career was ruined.

In 1985, McGauley's daughter attended a special daycare at the Richstone Center (a facility where several state-appointed therapists were treating McMartin children). The daycare was only for McMartin children, and they had to be "victims" to qualify. During this period, McGauley called police and told them that her daughter reported that a therapist at Richstone had molested her. Police were unable to get much information from the child; most of it came from the mother. Charges were not filed against the therapist and the incident never became public.

In 1990, Jackie McGauley was living with Ted Gunderson. He is former head of the Los Angeles FBI office. After taking an early retirement in the late 1970s, Gunderson was hired by friends of Jeffrey MacDonald, the Green Beret convicted of brutally murdering his wife and small children. MacDonald's case is detailed in Joe McGiniss' book FATAL VISION. MacDonald always claimed that his family was murdered by a Charles Manson-like cult, and Gunderson located a female street person with a history of severe drug abuse who claimed she had been in the house with the cult when the family was murdered. From this work, Gunderson apparently adopted the idea that the country was overrun with murderous Satanic cults. He elaborated this idea when he was associated with Jackie McGauley and the rest of the McMartin parents.

In the early 1980s, as Gunderson publicized his theories about Satanic cults, he began making bizarre claims to the media. One was that Satanists and the FBI were out to harm him. He once told the LA Times that someone had thrown a crowbar at him as he drove on the freeway. Another time, he said, he was sunbathing in his yard and awoke to find a satanic poem left at his side.

In the late 1980s Gunderson became something of a regular on shows such as Geraldo. In May, 1989, after the Matamoros drug-cult killings, he appeared on Geraldo and claimed that Mason County, Washington was filled with satanist "killing fields" stocked with hundreds of dead bodies. The county went into a panic and parents took their children from school. Extensive investigation revealed no such fields.

McGauley and Gunderson organized the 1990 McMartin dig and hired LA archaeologist Gary Sickel. Information on Sickel's background will be forthcoming. At this point, suffice to say that Sickel used the McMartin parents as the sole excavators of the site. These were people who not only had an agenda about finding something, but who had a history of apparently implanting phony artifacts. This is significant in light of the fact that the artifacts they present now as their chief evidence are two small (easily implantable) items: a Mickey Mouse plastic sandwich bag and a saucer with five-pointed stars painted on it.

The McMartin parents also claim that the tunnels they found are about five feet high, 30 inches wide, with no flooring, wall or ceiling material, and completely filled with dirt and paint chips. Compare this to claims the children made back in the 1980s: e.g. about a "secret room" 10 feet by 10 feet, filled with sofas and flashing lights, leading to an triplex residence inhabited by a little old lady. Construction and contracting professionals whom the media contacted during the 1990 dig pointed out that the McMartin site had been continuously built on since the 1920s (it used to be a stable) and that what was found sounded like the channels dug for plumbing that are normally found under any such site.

Currently, McGauley and Sickel are making Sickel's report on the dig available only to members of the child protection coterie who have made their careers promoting the existence of satanic ritual abuse -- such as Coulbourn-Faller and Summit. The report is not available to the public. McGauley and Summit have said it cannot be released unless someone (a publisher, for instance) pays substantial amount of money for it. This position contradicts the normal practice in California among archaeologists, which is to archive their reports for peer review and public use.

More Stuff

From her attempt to discredit Ted Gunderson,here

Did Ted Gunderson Murder Rick Post? "Ted Gunderson was mad because I shared research with Rick, he wanted it all for himself."—Jacque McGauley  


2. Books and blogs, Debbie Nathan

3. Book, "We Believe the Children," Richard Beck


* I find it odd that a conspiracy theorists web site is blocked from my ip address.  Sounds like a conspiracy.  I can get to it using my phone as a hot spot.  Anyone want to explain this?