They Found the Tunnels

                                 So the rest MUST be true

The one thing the true believers have to hang their hat on is the MISTAKEN belief that an archaeologist found the entrance somewhere and found tunnels and rooms under the school.

There are many articles about this, some with photos that shows tunnels lined by bricks.  These photos were not taken at the McMartin property, as it has never been suggested that there were brick walls. No wonder people still believe this, they see the photos and think they are actual photos of the tunnels.

What the archaeologist thinks he found is up to him, but there were no tunnels or secret rooms.  The Tunnel Report was dismissed as evidence in court.  

It's a shame that the guy who was behind that report didn't consider the impact of his words, and the necessity for simple truth that is easily understood, instead of what can only be conjecture based on something he believes he found.

I met with the author of the report, Gary Stickel, in March, 2016, I would be happy to be counted among his friends.  A very nice and interesting guy, an honorable man, whom I suspect is unaware of the trouble his report caused by providing what turns out to be misinformation.  I asked him to clarify what it is that he did find, to my disappointment, he chooses to let people believe what they want to believe.  ​

One has to consider all aspects of what they were looking for, was the tunnel's existence even possible, and the fact that the tunnel finding efforts were under the control of one woman, Jackie McGauley, who desperately wanted them to be found.  

The only object Gary Stickel found and documented in the 1990 dig that was out of place was a Disney character sandwich bag, dated 1982, two feet down at the corner of the building.  However, Bob Curry, Jackie and others started tunnel hunting at that site in March, 1985.
(5)  Someone probably brought their lunch, the sandwich bag accidently winding up in the hole they dug.  If it was purposely planted, they would have planted more convincing evidence, if it came from misdeeds under the school, surely something else should have been found from that period.

​It needs to be noted that no supporting evidence has ever been found to any of the charges.  The Tunnel Report being dismissed as evidence in a trial that was begging for evidence.

The Tunnel Report belongs to Mrs. McGauley, who didn't make it public at the time it was released, as is the usual policy, making it available for peer review, it was presented as absolute truth on the talk show circuit. The owner thought she had something valuable, the misguided conclusion promises to keep us arguing for many years to come. 
(2)  An analysis of the report is here.  The analysis gets it right, Gary Stickel got it wrong.  The existence of tunnels is also discussed and debunked here.

The presence of trash artifacts only proves the existence of trash artifacts, not tunnels, here. (1a)  There is a lot of misinformation about things like carbon dating of items found under the school, more on this on the conclusion page.  It was a trash pit, and anything else is IMPOSSIBLE.

Stickel's report is now available online.  I will not post a link, there is no reason to continue the debate. Mrs. McGauley's involvement and influence pollutes this report to the point that no one should consider it to contain any truth or accuracy. Those who paid for the report got the results they wanted to get. Sorry Gary, there were NO TUNNELS, except the plywood open ended boxes in the above photo.​  

"The Tunnels Were Filled In" 

Jackie McGauley's claim that one neighbor witnessed "workers with wheel barrels at night" is offered without corroboration, as is her analysis that other neighbors did not report tunnel refilling activities because they were "apparently all involved" (1)  

It has been widely reported that there was evidence on line that a contractor was hired to fill in the tunnels with cement. Stickel found no cement, there has never been any reports of this contractor being named or having been seen and the evidence that was supposedly on line never found.

One of the well known challenges of filling in a tunnel from below without extensive equipment to compact the filler is that this filler (in this case, sand), no matter how hard you try, will never quite reach the top, leaving an expanding void as the filler settles
(1a), a void was never mentioned in Stickel's report.  If the absence of the void was from the building site being compacted when the building was built, as was confirmed in Stickel's report, how could any tunnels have existed in the time they were supposedly in use?

​"There was Wide-Spread STDs Among the Kids"

A mysterious poster named "jacque" who considers herself to be a "scholar" makes the claim on a blog (and elsewhere), that there was ". . . wide-spread sexually transmitted diseases among the kids."
(4)  This seems to be debunked in further discussion.  This "jacque" has a lot more to say, among that, "The media is mocking me."  Read it here  Maybe there is a reason you think people are mocking you, it's probably true.

A poster named Skeptic Ginger says on the site:
     I don't think there was any evidence in the case (in court) as to STDs. Jacque McGauley (who's a member here - Jacque) mentioned that there was ONE little girl who had an STD, but whose mother would not allow her to be a part of the trial.
     There have been other articles that also mention STDs, but from interviews - not from police records or from the trial. There was no medical testimony on either side of the question ever introduced into evidence that I know of.

If these charges were true they might provide some numbers, sources, doctor's reports.  If it was true it would have been evidence in the trials.  All of these charges seem to come from this one mysterious "jacque". 

Charges of Satanic Ritual Abuse

These charges are a common thread among almost all preschool accusations of the early 1980's.  The reasons for this has been explained as evangelical influence in Conservative politics, our societies attitude towards morality and guilt by the affluent for off loading child care to others.  This subject seems to appeal to a certain type of mental illness.  Here are a couple of books that help explain this:

Please don't disbelieve my overly simplistic explanation until you have read these and other books on the subject. 

Charges of Satanism are almost always wild charges that collapse under their own weight, and never seem to be accompanied by any creditable evidence.  The Buckeys were Conservative Republicans, who never thought their beliefs in being "tough on crime" would come back to haunt them.

Paranoid Schizophrenics and Satanic Charges

The accusers who brought Satan into the charges at McMartin seem to have the same thing in common. If there was only a knowledgable adult in the Manhattan Beach Police Department in 1983 the South Bay could have avoided a self imposed disaster. When you hear someone babbling about Satan, you can suspect their issues are imagined, based in their mental illness.(10)  A mental illness that we ignore, to our detriment.  What does it take for the authorities to find help for these people?

Hundreds of Children Told the Same Story

CII's interviewing techniques are seen as being the reason for this, these techniques have been throughly discredited and are no longer used. (6)

The Medical Exams Showed Signs of Abuse

Most experts agree that they have learned a lot about this subject since the medical exams were preformed for the prosecution. It was pointed out in court that the experts disagreed among themselves . . . evidence that once seemed significant is now seen as inconclusive and hopelessly compromised. (7)  What was once seen as evidence is no longer seen the same way today. (8)

A journalist who attended the trials, Kevin Coty, told me that the three "experts" were each shown the same photo and asked to identify the areas showing abuse and the normal areas.  All three identified different areas, and each saw what the others saw as showing abuse as showing normal conditions. (11)

Conspiracy Theory Web Sites 
Because the authorities and most news sources finally stopped listening to Mrs McGauley​​​

When the authorities and media finally stopped listening to Mrs. McGauley(9) she took her beliefs in her victimization, tunnels, and gripes against Ted Gunderson to several extremist web sites, many references to those web sites on the "Crazy Stuff" page.

The stories about molestations, Satan, tunnels, and Ted Gunderson being a cad are now intermingled with stories about space aliens, subterranean abductions, Satan, guns, liberty, liberals, and the rest, which means this story will live on forever in the minds of those who want to believe, in spite of any logic or the need for actual evidence.

Expect the arguments to continue.

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An actual photo of what the children probably remembered; 

Plywood boxes that could be lined up to form "tunnels"

McMartin Preschool

Victims Webpage


The evidence shows only that trash pits were present on the property and that, subsequent intrusions into the top soil were made by excavators searching for tunnels.


According to SRS geophysicist Bob Beers, "If you have a large tunnel, big enough for a person to crawl through, no matter how much you throw dirt in it, and you're talking about trying to fill it to the brim, and compact it given one or two rainy seasons, that dirt is going to compact and you're going to end up with a little air gap between the natural soil between the top of the tunnel . . . You would visually see it." 

Jackie McGauley, the McMartin parent who owns the rights to the MTP report, is seeking donations or other suitable payment as a precondition for general release in order to help recoup money she spent to retain Stickel and others for the project. Summit, acting as her agent, told this writer that McGauley seeks a friendly "non-critical" forum for publication."  



5.  (compiled by Debbie Nathan)  The McMartin parents dug in the same area of the alleged tunnel entrance on three separate occasions, two of which are not mentioned in Stickel's report.




9. Email on the web site, dated 2003.


Religious Content of Hallucinations in Paranoid Schizophrenia.  

11. Personal conversation with Kevin Coty